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Clearance Services

Below is an overview of the services and solutions Caldwell's provides. At Caldwell's, we serve Dorset and West Hampshire, aiming to provide a convenient, quality service that you can rely on. All services are provided utilising our own vans and uniformed staff.

If at anytime, while you are browsing through our services section, you have a question related to any of our services don't hesitate to call us at 07917 830885 or send us an
e-mail at

House Clearance
From a single room to a full house clearance, Caldwell’s specialise in this type of clearance. We offer different pricing schedules to either provide the clearance at as low a cost as possible or to maximise the return to our clients making this an affordable solution for any situation.

As part of our clearances, we try to recycle items wherever possible, and deliver items to nominated local charities as part of our service.

Caldwell’s can also arrange redecoration and contract cleaning for properties to be resold/let where required.

Please contact us with your bespoke quotation.

Probate Valuations
Caldwell’s can provide a fully itemised list detailing, room by room, guide prices for achievable auction sale prices.
From 20.00

Garden Clearance
As a fully licensed waste holder, we are able to remove all non hazardous waste including rubble, garden cuttings, and wood. 
From 15.00 per ton

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